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So How’s the Decluttering Going?

Can you hear me laughing?  That is the sound of my humor for all my friends that have a resolution to declutter this year.  I tried it once a few years ago – will never do THAT again!  What a project!

We all know HOW to declutter, just throw stuff away.  We can start small: focus on one room at a time, making progress each day working towards a more simplified clear and clean home.  Or we can go big: rent a dumpster and throw out everything.  Sounds tempting?  Easier yes, but could get costly.

So it it’s not the HOW to declutter, then it’s the WHY to declutter.  Why do so many people have decluttering on their list of resolutions?  I think it is a highly personal thing.  Maybe one wants to eliminate the stress that all the mess causes each day, another may want to just clean up the house for company coming soon, and yet another has a huge issue they are avoiding in their lives, so keeping busy let’s them evade that longer.  See what I mean?


But no matter the reason, have you ever talked to anyone that was UNHAPPY after decluttering?  I haven’t.  Most ask themselves why they kept all that stuff so long when it did nothing to enhance their lives.

What is your reason?  Is it strong enough to get started?  Is the terrific feeling once it’s done worth the pain?  Something for me to think about…